Planning Service

We offer different Planning packages to fit your requirements:

  • Full Service
  • Partial
  • Day-Of
  • Other Events


Step 1 : Initial Consultation

Our personalized consultation approach gives us insight into what your dream wedding entails. Whether you’re your taste is simple and elegant or vibrant and glamourous, our team will discuss your overall vision for the big day and stramline the planning process that is custom fir to you!

Step 2: Budget Management

No wedding planning is complete without a budget. With our expertise we assess your dream wedding in terms of cost and assist in making the most out of your budget.

Step 3: Venue Selection

We have worked with the most sought after venues in Pittsburgh, our experience helps guide you. Based on your vision and budget, we will personally tour the site with you and evaluate how the space can be best utilized.

Step 4: Vendor Hires

We know that it is nearly impossible to fulfill a wedding or special event without a team of professional vendors who can make your vision a reality. Our team will assist with making vendor recommendations that align with your vision, budget and overall wedding goals.

Step 5: On Site Management

Hiring a professional planner will ensure that all the time, energy and effort that went into planning is properly achieved on the big day. Our team will work to fulfill your vision, manage the vendors, run the timeline, be there for your guests and make sure the entire day flows seamlessly

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